Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finline Touch – Version

Version of Finline Touch is available for download. With the following features.

1. Loan Calculator, for mortgage, car or personal loans
2. Special Loan calculator, supporting 0% EMI and down payment
3. Fixed deposit calculator, supports simple interest and interest compounded annually, monthly, quarterly and semiannually.
4. Saved loans, quotes allows you to view the loans or quotes saved by you. This can be used to generate a quick reference to the loan you already have with amortization details.
5. Loan Calculators provided in this application supports zero down payment, zero interest rate, calculation of processing fees, etc
6. Loan quotation generated can be saved for feature reference. This is also useful if you have existing loans. You can save you existing loans with loan reference number and short description which can be used for quick reference without searching and looking into you loan documents provided by you banks.

You can download the App from Windows Phone Store @

Or you can Scan the QR Code from your mobile to download the app


Screens of Finline Touch.



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