Monday, May 23, 2011

.NET Windows Development: Everyday Tips, Tricks & Optimization - Alberto Población

This is one of the best book I have came across so far, This book is so indulging that once you start reading this book you will want to finish all the chapters in one go, actually same thing happened to me too.

This book covers Tips, Tricks and Optimization techniques for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 and also new features of Windows 7 too and most important is this is not only theory, In fact these are the collection of techniques which we use day to day in our work and  professional career.

Alberto has been in computer industry for more then 27 years and also Microsoft MVP in C# because of his great impact teaching others about .NET development both as a trainer as well as a top answerer in newsgroup and forums. Alberto Población poured the cream of his knowledge into this book. I would recommend all my readers to read this book at least once.You can get a fair idea of this book by reading the Table of Contents and Index @ Amazon.

I can assure that this book will help you to write more optimized and better code, you can also complete your task more quickly and effectively.

To buy this book you can go to this Amazon link “.NET Windows Development- Everyday Tips, Tricks & Optimization.”.

You can download the Example Source Codes used in this book from here :

Some of the Topics this book covers are:

  • Special techniques for accessing data.
  • New features in Windows 7 and Programming with these features.
  • Using Graphics, Serialization and Reflection
  • Various techniques that should be well-known, but aren't.
  • Tips and Tricks of Windows Forms application.

I don't know Alberto personally, but after reading this book I can say this was his very nice effort and I just request Alberto Población to keep sharing more of his knowledge like this in his future publications too.


mac leasing said...

Knowledge can be impart through reading books. I will surely try to read that book. Thanks for the tip.

Josiah Whitfield said...

In This Book Tricks and Optimization is very useful for trainer and .Net Programmer.If you have any query I hope this book will provide a quick solution.

Slade Leonard said...

I like your bookss about asp .net. That are most interesting and very useful for me.I can take some ideas form this post for Asp .Net Development. Thanks for share this valuable Info.

Chung said...

The book provides awesome information about the .net development skills. The developers can take complete advantage of these tips to sharpen their development skills. Thanks for sharing useful information.

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