Wednesday, March 31, 2010

List of Software and Tips, to Prepare your new System (Only for MS Silverlight Dev)

I was planning to format my system and upgrade to latest OS and Software’s. I am left out with only 15GB HDD Space, don’t know where other 135 GB Vanished. It usually happens in long term with registry size and other unwanted files we keep accumulating.

Particularly I was not searching for anything in Internet as I know what exactly I need from my new setups, but accidently I got a nice link which gave me an extensive links and lists of very good software’s which I can install in my latest setups. I thought to save this list in my bookmarks as well as share with you guys too.

Interesting thing is I was never expecting like in this blog I can also get something related to hardware related stuffs, Specially this is one of my favorite blog where I usually look out for my Silverlight Codes and other programming related stuffs.

Hope this helps !!!


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