Sunday, July 26, 2009

FREE Cheat Sheets for Developers(Quick Reference Card)

Hi All, here is the link for the great library of cheat sheets, I assure you that after looking into this collection you will be amazed....these Cheat Sheets are...

  • Written by bestselling authors and leading experts
  • Reliable information on major developer topics
  • Filled with useful tips and source code examples
  • PDF looks great on-screen or printed from your printer

To name a few...

  • Design Patterns
  • Silverlight 2, I am eagerly waiting for Silverlight 3, I know its too early...
  • C#
  • Core .NET
  • Core ASP.NET
  • Scrum
  • Windows PowerShell

These are just few of my interest, but you can always register and logon to download lot more of your interest too...from the link below.


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