Friday, October 10, 2008

C# Coding Standards

Following the right Coding standars comes with Practice and proper Guidance if you are a starter, and also lots of companies define or customize their own coding standards.

When I came across this challange to define the coding standard for my team, I thought instead of reinventing the wheel and recollecting everything from my experience, better if I get something which is already defined and documented. So I started googling and came across a very good document which covers almost all the aspects of C# Coding standards which I was looking for. This Document covers the following topics*

  • Cover all major C# Language features.
  • Provide guidelines on coding style & language usage (but not syntax)
  • Demonstrate all rules in code where applicable.
  • Describe rules in structure that is easy to read & use.
  • Define clear & concise rules.
  • Use consistent terminology & rule patterns.
  • Only provide rules where there is a clear cut best practice.
  • Lead developers to a "pit of success" and avoid common "pits of failure"
  • You can download the PDF from here

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