Sunday, August 31, 2008

Installing Sharepoint Services 3.0 on Windows Vista OS

Just few days back I started exploring Sharepoint Technologies, and started thinking where to start. The biggest setback for me was I cannot run Sharepoint Services on my windows Vista System because Sharepoint Services can only be installed on Windows Server Family of Operating System. But now I cannot go back and repartition my System and install Sharepoint, I also tried using Windows Virtual Machine, but Windows Server 2003 was not working properly on my Windows Virtual Machine.

So now I am left with only two option either repartition the whole harddisk and install dual boot OS or Find some way to run windows sharepoint services on my windows vista. So I started googling and finally I found a jackpot where I can install sharepoint on Windows Vista. First I thought its one more bluff, but thought to give a try, and it worked, and now I am using Windows Sharepoint Services on my Windows Vista Ultimate OS.

Just follow the link below which will guide you step by step process how to do that.

To download the setup helper file you can either download from the above link or you can download from here directly.




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