Friday, February 8, 2008

Programming with Google Maps API

The Google Maps API lets you embed Google Maps in your own web pages with JavaScript. The API provides a number of utilities for manipulating maps (just like on the web page) and adding content to the map through a variety of services, allowing you to create robust maps applications on your website.

How do I start?

  1. Sign up for a Google Maps API key.
  2. Read the Maps API Concepts.
  3. Check out some Maps examples.
  4. Read the Maps API Reference.

Google Maps API Examples

All of the examples contained within the Google Maps API documentation set are listed below for quick reference.

Map Examples

Event Examples

Controls Examples

Marker Examples

Polyline Examples

Polygon and Tile Overlay Examples

Custom Overlay Examples

Services Examples

Featured Video

These are just the few links and introduction of Google Map API, very soon I wil post my sample project using Google Map API,

You can also get the map API class reference at Google MAP API Class Reference

And you can get the full documentation and downloadable examples and reference at Google Maps API


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